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> Up to 4 flips of life-like 3D images changing side by side

> Advance 3D Hologram printing technology

> Durable molded wood construction

> Flawless high gloss finish

> Chromed metal hinges complementing bathroom hardware

Unlike the Magic Motion toilet seat which shows off motion picture when lid gently closes in slow motion, the 3D hologram, Vario Scenario toilet seat features 3D effect with up to 4 flips of images changing side by side when being viewed from different angle.


Like the Magic Motion toilet seats, the Vario Scenario toilet seats are also built with sturdy wood construction and flawless high gloss finish coating so that the lenticular surface is seamlessly incorporated into the wooden core.

Vario Scenario and 3D are registered trademarks of Topseat International, Inc., all rights reserved.

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