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Imagine a toilet seat so artistic that it shows motion pictures when the lid automatically closes in slow motion.

The Magic Motion toilet seats are created by using patented DRIP technology, today's most advanced lenticular printing process, offering a resolution, depth, crisp image and number of frames never before possible.
Magic Motion Toilet Seat

> Patented printing process

> Up to 120 frames of animation!

> Four seconds of real time motion!

> Exceptional look and feel!

> Durable molded wood construction!

Printed in 


> Flawless high gloss finish!

> Gently and quietly closes eliminating slamming

Moon Over Ocean

Tropical Sunrise

Pink Rose Opening

Seasons Tree


Good Morning


Growing Tree at Sunrise

Red Hibiscus Flower

Magic Motion is a registered trademark of Topseat International, Inc. in US and other countries. All rights reserved.

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