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Under our Native Impression® Series, there are currently two lines of toilet seats: Solid Bamboo, Wood Veneer


Wood Veneer toilet seat provides a unique natural wood look without splitting or cracking, complementing your bathroom décor. In the DIY market, wood veneer toilet seats manufactured by Topseat are currently marketed under other OEM brands in North America, Europe and beyond. In professional market, Topseat manufactures wood veneer toilet seats for the most demanding ceramic manufacturers/dealers who expect the highest standard of quality and excellence.


Solid Bamboo toilet seat is the ultimate green product since bamboo is not wood, but grass, a giant grass that grows fast and spreads underground. Harvesting bamboo to make toilet seats won't contribute to global warming due to the fact that mature bamboo will decay if it were not harvested, while immature bamboo is not suitalbe for making toilet seats.


Topseat was the first manufacture to produce bamboo toilet seats in industrialized production as early as 2003. We are proud of our craftsmanship for the perfection of bamboo toilet seats, and we translate such craftsmanship into value for our customers.

Native Impression ® is a registered trademark of Topseat International, Inc.

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