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Embossed Printing Toilet Seat, 3D Chrome®


The latest innovation we bring into your bathroom, 3D Chrome® printing process makes images on your toilet seats sparkle and gives them added depth.


Much like traditional embossing, the innovative 3D Chrome printing process also creates a sense of depth and flare, giving your toilet seat eye-popping intensity and extra element of distinction. The eye-catching 3D Chrome printing technique incorporates a metallic background that enhances the image’s depth and allows metallic highlights to be built into the artwork.


As an industry leader in toilet seats design, production and perfection, Topseat constantly explores new ways to make an image jump off of the toilet seat. Topseat’s “Passion for Excellence” and meticulous attention to detail mean you’ll never have to worry that the toilet seats we create for you won’t live up to the highest standard of excellence that we promise and you expect.


Occasionally, we make our toilet seats with something truly dynamic and cutting edge, and 3D Chrome toilet seat is an example of one of those instances.



in USA

3D Chrome is a registered trademark of Topseat International, Inc. in the United States and other countries, all rights reserved.

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