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“Tellus” is the Latin word for Earth

Earth-Friendly Elegance for Your Bathroom!

Our Tellusitze toilet seats use less plastic and wood;
That’s good for the planet.


Traditional Materials

for Making Toilet Seats




  • Cement

  • Ceramic


Our revolutionary Tellusitze products are made from cement and/or ceramic, significantly reducing the use of wood and plastic!

Tellusitze, a revolutionary line of eco-friendly toilet seats from Topseat, combines sustainability, comfort, and style to transform your bathroom experience. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and innovative design is at the heart of every Tellusitze product.
Our unique cement and ceramic toilet seats are crafted using cutting-edge technologies and environmentally conscious materials, such as natural-fiber-reinforced cement and sintered stone. With Tellusitze, you can enjoy the durability and luxury of modern materials while minimizing your environmental impact.
The Tellusitze range offers a variety of designs, from classic white and plain colors to vibrant artful patterns. Our versatile options cater to diverse tastes, ensuring a perfect match for any bathroom decor. Experience the perfect blend of earth-friendly elegance and modern functionality with Tellusitze.
Join us in our journey towards a better planet and a better bathroom. Choose Tellusitze and make a positive impact on your home and the environment.
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