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The high gloss toilet seats with enhanced visual depth and clarity


The internationally patented toilet seats in the “Art of Acryl” series by TOPSEAT offer something quite special: a thin layer of high gloss acrylic glass surface so that the brightly colored motifs will shimmer away.


A wide collection of perfectly matching patterns, a modern, cheerful shape, and the scratch-resistant high gloss acrylic glass surface will ensure that this innovative product will be an eye-catcher in your bathroom.


You’ll also be impressed by the quality: the durable wooden core is fitted with the seamless acrylic layer on top; the construction is solid and stable; and metal chromed hinges with soft-close feature ensure that the lid will close gently and quietly without slamming.

ArtofAcryl, a Topseat Invention, Internationally Patented.

We enforce our intellectual property rights rigorously against infringers.

ArtOfAcryl is a registered trademark of Topseat International, Inc. in the US and other countries, all rights reserved.

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