Top Seat new and restored classroom furniture
Top Seat's school classroom furniture repair, restoration, refurbishing services or new school desks, chairs and activity tables with lifetime structural warranty save schools money.

School furniture repair, classroom furniture restoration, or new school furniture with a lifetime warranty...

are the three options offered by Top Seat Supply to save schools money on their classroom furniture needs.  All three options are focused on supplying quality classroom furniture.

Top Seat Supply is committed to providing schools with the best available options, specific to their own unique application and budgetary needs.  Simply purchasing new classroom furniture is not always in a school’s best interest.  Much of the new classroom furniture offered in today’s market is designed and manufactured with a cheap price being the foremost consideration.

Discount classroom furniture simply does not stand up to the test of time.  Many schools that have purchased so called discount school furniture find themselves having to replace this classroom furniture within 4 to 8 years.  This can start a cycle of dependency on inexpensive school furniture because now that is all their budget can afford.

Top Seat Supply’s approach is to first assess what kind of used school furniture the school has.  In many cases a school has very high quality older school furniture.  Much of the classroom furniture built in the 1960s and 1970s was built to higher standards than most of today’s school furniture.  This classroom furniture may look terrible, but structurally they are as solid as the day they were made.  These desks and chairs are prime candidates for new hard plastic desktops, seats, backs, and glides.  Often this work can be done by school staff, resulting in tremendous savings while allowing the school to keep their high quality used school furniture.

Top Seat Supply also offers complete restoration of high quality used school furniture.  This process consists of discarding all the worn out components, shot blasting the bare frames, powdercoating the frames with a tough, baked-on, durable finish, then reassembling with hard plastic melamine desk tops, seat, and backs.  This process provides unbelievably long-lasting quality school furniture at prices comparable to discounted school furniture.

For schools that do not have high quality older school furniture Top Seat Supply offers its own line of classroom furniture.  All of our knowledge and experience of what stands the test of time in classroom furniture is evident in our line of new school furniture.  All of our new school furniture is warranted for life, which is simply the best warranty in the school furniture market.

Top Seat Supply also offers a line of high quality MDF classroom activity tables.  These classroom tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and they have adjustable legs to match with any grade level requirement from Kindergarten to 12.  Our adjustable classroom tables feature an armor edge that does not separate from the particle board, unlike traditional edge styles.

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